Huge, spectacular, magical.
Cosmic powers of gravity combine with art into a new structure.

It was one of those moody days. Gloomy outside, grumpy inside. Searching for the way of expressing colours that were brewing inside of my dreams for some time. And then in the middle of this energy came call from photographer Pawel Smolinski.

He told me he got some new equipment and wanted to experiment. He mentioned throwing holi powder and in that moment my head exploded with colours…just what I love so much.

Straight away I was in front of computer researching what had been done within this type of photography. And as I was driving into this misty world of colours I realised how¬† surreal it felt for me. People cocooned in vibrant powders…their outlines blurred into new dimensions…powder penetrating gently yet deeply, merging atoms. And there was one leading thought when I was looking at this abstract world formed of different bodies: COSMOS. Energy of galaxies, dark matter, ghastling cosmic winds. And that was how I wanted to present this shoot