Crushing into each other atoms. Bursts of energy and saturation.
Sound. Colour. Lightening.

From that moment when I realised where I would like to take the project I started exploring routes that visually represented it. I wanted it to be filled with energy, colours and textures. I wanted humans to merge with cosmic landscapes… all made of cosmic dust. As a part of my idea was to get away from fashion and step into the art…as a painter I dreamt the images will feel like paintings…colours and textures reflecting and merging into each other. And I had a plan to take the pressure off models.

In the age of social media and magazines driving photoshopped to perfection unreal ideals of our body I decided to take that away. Create images person looking at would not compare their face or body to. Allow journey into beauty without self-punishment for not fulfilling standards. So I decided to work with masks.

Wanted them to be beautiful abstract and complex yet simple. Organic in their nature. Decided that they will be detailed and textured but always very simple in the colour palette. Working with high pigmented powders I wanted them to be dry painting on our living canvas. Decided to embellish each mask with beads and balls (even if in initial sketches there were crystal-like structures) to follow the organic nature of the project and the idea of circle in nature and rebirth