Huge, spectacular, magical.
Cosmic powers of gravity combine with art into a new structure.

And finally the day has arrived. From the moment we met at Hair Salon we all felt something magical is about to happen. With almost sacred whispers we all gathered for the transformation ritual. Smell of the hair spray, sound of the hair dryers, coffee and talks. At this point we¬† knew what we were doing but at every point we created something we were moving even deeper into the vision. Trialling the masks together with hair sculptures…wrapping black plastic around bodies for different textures, glueing details directly onto models…and in between preparing the set…protective sheets of plastic…lights…assembling powder stations.


We knew we couldn’t afford mistakes as each powder shoot was building textures onto masks, hair and model’s bodies. And then we started…and time did not exist anymore. We were teleported to new dimension. But it was all taking seconds…each shoot was developing upon our freshly gained knowledge…sounds of laughter, hair dryers and vacuum cleaner was bringing us back on earth. Everytime the powder was flying despite the dust we kept our eyes wide open, so nothing escaped.

We knew we had something we were truly proud of.