The Day of the shoot come…I finally had the whole team in one room: Jan the photographer, Yvette the female dancer, Ricardo the male dancer, Elizabeth the makeup artist and Ailish the laser techician.

Most of us had never worked with each other but on that day we came as a team to work on the project visions that had been brewing…ohh boy it was very exciting.

Getting to know each other…pushing our ideas into new directions… laughing… talking… creating all while listening to all sort of music…well that was if it was actually louder than my excited voice sometimes haha

We reached new dimensions and created worlds unseen…the lasers made the magic so real it was difficult to realise where we were… being for the whole day in a blacked out studio added to mystery.
In all, the beautiful monsters were emerging from the depths… suspended somewhere in the outer galaxies and at the bottom of our own oceans..

When the day was over, ¬†we all felt that tingling sensation you get when discover a new thing… When as a child you open an unknown door, with fear and excitement.

It was an amazing time and each person added a layer of their own creative sparke in order to inspire each other and add dimension to concept.

Thank you!

We inspected the VOID and there was no coming back from it.