Creating work under the moniker ENTITEE.UK, London-based artist Wojtek Grabalowski has seen his work take on mysterious new directions, collaborating with mask makers Wintercroft on a series of ambitious and visually stunning photographic projects which push through into a universe of otherworldly aesthetic appeal.

For the VOID photo series he brought together a polymorphic collective of creatives including a photographer, make-up artist, garment painters, dancers and laser technicians to bring his vision together. Crossing art and fashion, the project was designed and built on a photoset, although the use of fluorescent neon paint, UV lamps, smoke machines and lasers heightened the location to a new realm of possibility. ‘This elaborate set up allowed for the abstract images to be captured in photographic form with minimal use of photo manipulation software. Clad in masks made by Wintercroft, the images see the dancers morph into beings of the deep and dark, beckoning the viewer forth – although to where and to what is left unexplained.

ENTITEE.UK is currently working on a new project and searches for possible collaboration routes for future ones.




Art direction and post production: ENTITEE.UK
Masks: Wintercroft Masks
Garments and mask painting: Hand Painted Club
Photography: Jan Masny
Make up: Elizabeth Hsieh
Models: Yvette Claudine ClaireauxRicardo Cecílio
Lasers: Laser Hire London
Studio: Plough Studios