At that time I had a photographer in mind. I had admired him for a long time for his work…he had a perfect perception and imagination to fit into the concept…weird moods, vibrant and sharp execution, emotional landscapes…everything I had in

I contacted Steve with the idea and he sent me initial concepts for the masks…and they were weirdly beautiful, and suited the concept while adding a new dimension to it.

The moodboard and concept were now officially presented to both Steve and Jan Masny, photographer. Excitement reached its peak and I needed to sit and wait for the response.

And it came very quickly and left me with trembling excitement on my face as they both loved it. I felt humbly proud that my vision managed to inspire artists I admired.

The rest happened very fast…

I met with Jan to discuss his ideas in detail. I brought some sketches of the outfits as well as more ideas to build the picture more fully. He then showed me work of another photographer he wanted to use as the reference. I have never heard of Anthony Mccall but when I saw his images I recognised them and I knew they were perfect inspiration for what we were about to create.

Next weeks were filled with the joy of UV painting and experiments with textures while pitching to models studios and laser companies… September