Physical reaction. Sparkle. Lightning.
Speeding particles in the fabric of time.

Till the middle of December I was working with the team consisting of photographer and hair stylist, Piotr Kmiecik only via internet…yes I forgot to mention I am based in London and the shoot was taking place in my home town in Poland. We were throwing ideas at each other feeding on our creativity and visions. I absolutely love that part where individuals collect to form new idea. So much passion and strength. We spoke inspirations, colours, textures…miles of unexplored universe.

When I arrived to Poland I first met with photographer to fine tune concept, look at the location and think logistics for the day. Next I sat down with hair magician to brief him about ideas. We again looked at sketches and hair images to decide what will work best for the concept. When I work with the team, regardless if I direct the shoot I want everyone to participate. I believe in energy exchange that only keeps on growing. At that point we have booked models. I could now go back home and polish masks and all elements needed.

Excitement was real