fb55df58ea7673bb07603aff0016e712As for the models, the delicate nature that inspired the shoot demanded to get people who could move rather than pose…It made a perfect natural sense to approach trained dancers

The process of researching for people took hours that turned into days, in between emails and calls. I found the perfect couple, Yvette and Ricardo, and after talking to them and discussing the details, they got on board.

Meanwhile, I spoke to Dal from Laser Hire London. After presenting him with the concept and then talking on the phone,  he said he loved the idea and would like to be part of the project.img-20160521-wa0027662x373
Jan helped with arranging Plough Studio which gave us the final date to work towards.

More sketching painting drawing more precise mood boards for models followed. Around that time I had received 4 specially designed masks from Steve.

I got every possible UV paint…designed stencils and got a black light torch so during the day innocent painting would turn into glowing magic at night…lines dots sprays sponges…Rain coats turned into canvas for this eerie trip.

16384ab5117ff48dbb41c453fdac9a50Every time i shifted too far from reality with this fluorescent work,  I took my Friend to shoot the outfits and then refine the ideas in Photoshop to help me understand the details of the project.

It was happening… October